Won’t buy ‘BAAZAAR’, its below par.

By | October 28, 2018

Please do not watch Baazaar, in case you have watched ‘The Wolf Of Wall Street’. Your perception of Indian movie will get challenged. This is a movie like that naughty boy in school, who always gets the same remark from class teacher ‘Can Do Better’.

Baazaar is cliched and a wee bit longer.


Saif Ali Khan is fantastic in some scenes where his expressions reflect the undercurrents of scheming life. He is a ruthless character (Shakun Kothari ) who has a complicated plan and his sole objective profit at any cost. Saif is the one who holds your attention for those few 100 frames when he plays the disreputable character.


Rohan Mehra (Rizwan Ahmed ), son of Vinod Mehra, tries hard to justify his inclusion in the film and fails terribly. He is that boy with stars from Allahabad, who thinks he can outwit all others when it comes to market trading. Rizwan sees himself as God’s gift to sharemarket trading and everyone around him are just the dancers playing to his surprisingly emotion-based information and analysis. He wants to get next to Saif and be included in his circle. He gets the chance to work with Saif. And rest, if you do end up watching the movie.

I watched for the power that Radhika Apte is and this movie disappointed me. What is she doing in the film? She has no opportunity to show her talents. Another mild disappointment is Chitrangada Singh who plays Saif’s wife. Not much was expected from her. So, her sleepwalking through the role is okay. It’s a role you could have used even a, and no one would have been wiser.


There was scope for songs in such a film if they were to add to the narration or used to make the movie forward. They do nothing. They fail to stir emotions of any nature. And they are not you will remember.

Gauravv K. Chawla is a debutant director and hopefully will learn from his insipid, uninspiring foray into the world of filmmaking. Such a movie needs twist and turns to keep the audience engaged. The script has to take some knowledge of the subject grated from the audience. It still has to set a benchmark so that the scenes end up making sense to a broader audience. Baazaar fails to do anything. Moreover, the audience is able to predict the insider much before the director decides to give a clue. And the Baazaar tanks.

BaaZzaar. STAR CAST: Saif Ali Khan, Radhika Apte, Rohan Mehra. Director – Gauravv K Chawla