Bigg Boss . The first Double Bluff. Can Housemates see through it.

By | November 19, 2015


So finally with almost 1/3rd of the scheduled reality show being over, BIGG BOSS makes a move. It is one of the best-designed move. What a double bluff.

If one is to believe the social media then the interest in the show was waning. Though the TRP may be telling a different equation. Trust me there are more people in social media commenting on the show than there are people meter in the country. But yes, they reflect a sub set – a tribe and hence may not be the right reflection of the overall audience. They being prosumers and influencers can nit be negated?

Screen Shot 2015-11-19 at 12.21.14 pmBIGG BOSS in its 9th season with very average contestants. The people inside the house seem to be clueless on the format or they do that as part of their misguided strategy. There is hardly any type of polarisation that makes the game smart and interesting. There is hardly any gang. The groups are more of couples.

Other than Arman and Mandana, they do not seem to be making the right moves. There is one alligator Rimi who is silently watching and playing her inertia-blocked game. If Rochelle is missing Keith it is not that apparent and she is playing ‘Me the victim’. Suyyash and Prince are brats in the house. Rishabh, and Kishwar are playing it better than expected, though they can get to be irritating at times.Digangana the kid is smarter than what the housemates think.

So in such a case the Double Bluff played by BIGG BOSS was fun.

On Rimi decision in naming Mandana as the worst task player meant that she was evicted. But she is kept in a secret room. She is told that the housemates are unaware of this arrangement. On the other side, Housemates are told that she can watch them. Now here is the icing, she can watch them when a light is on.

The housemates know that when Mandana comes back she will nominate two people for eviction. And it has been told to the housemates that the two nominated will actually be safe.

Now here is the scenario. When the light comes on – the housemates try getting on their acts, so that Mandana should nominate them. Poor Mandana not aware of the unsaid rules- is getting frustrated watching this. It seems to her that all of them are against her. Good to see what the people who want to get out – Rochelle and Rimi do, as getting nominated for eviction by Manadana is not good for them.

There has been a huge section that has been clamouring for Salman Bias behaviour. Personally I feel that the apparent reflection is justified. The writers and the people who brief Salman need to take a call.

Now here is what I want you to think about .

What will BIGGBOSS do next?
Will Keith be back before Mandana?
Will BiggBoss keep to the eviction-safe promise, or there will be more twist before Mandana comes back?
Do you think there is any smart housemate who can see through BiggBoss double bluff?

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