‘Behan Hogi teri’ fails to engage

By | June 11, 2017

Let me tell you straight forward the ONLY reason you may go for BAHEN HOGI TERI ( BHT) , and it is not the wonderful way Rajkummar acts. If you have ever got a comment like ‘CAN DO BETTER’ in your or your son-daughter report card, BHT wears this extremely well.

‘Bahen Hogi Teri’ is something that every male in his teen years would have uttered and heard the phrase. People in non-metro would understand it far better.

There is so much angst, possibility and threat that it carries. However, the movie that tries to bring you near to this misplaced notion of ‘girls and boys in their mohalla are brother and sister’ remains farcical.

Director Ajay K. Pannalal must have had the EUREKA moment when this line and thought would have struck him with less than the power of a water jet. And that must have been the only moment of serious film making. It does have its moments of success. It ends up making you smile at few places. You marvel at the ease of Rajkummar as Gattu.

All-good snippets happen in the first half of the first half. After that the film goes down hill, with few short breathers and stoppers. Every time you expect the orgasmic moment, and yet you realize that the director finds it as tough as making love in micro-gravity. It takes him full 128 minutes to end up in a forced drama to justify the title.

The sequence of death of Binny’s grand mother and dedicated devoted helping of Gattu to impress Biny is lovely. It is so freshening to see such a true take on the situation. The intoxicated rant against Rahul-Raj of Tula Rashi always taking the women away in Indian Movies, is not a classic but worth a few smiles.

love takes its time to get established between Gattu (Rajkummar) and Binny (Shruti Haasan) who live across the narrow lane. Shruti is a definite miscast as she is neither pataka nor the neighbourly girl you could take home to meet your mother. Bura (Herry Tangri) as the friend of Rajkummar Rao needs special mention. The guy has odes of talent and attitude. He works knowing his limitation and impresses in BHT.

Mr Nautiyal (Darshan Jariwala) as father is a shop of over acting and Jaydeep (Ninad Kamat), elder brother of Binny has failed to expand his rapotaire of expression beyond trademark constipated fear of acting written all over his face. Gautam Gulati is wasted, and I fear he does not have what is many times referred as the talent or spark of acting in him. Ranjeet and Gushan Grover walk through their role. This is clearly a case study – how to not to make a film.

Rajkummar Rao is excellent but sadly it was to a film not a one-man show. BHT fails to keep the audience engaged in its narration.

STAR CAST – Rajkummar Rao, Shruti Haasan, Henry Tangri,rGautam Gulati, Gulshan Grover, Ranjeet, Darshan Jariwala, Ninad Kamat DIRECTOR – Ajay K Pannalal

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