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I Am a TROLL- a quick bite

OM GANESHAY NAMAHA. My copy of the book ‘I AM A TROLL- Inside the Secret World of the BJP’s Digital Army’ by Swati Chaturvedi was delivered last week. I could not stop myself from reading it. The super-hot comments and views by fellow member on a whatsapp group led to a deep curiosity. They are… Read More »


‘THE POISON ARTIST’ by Jonathan Moore, a multilayered dark crime horror. BOOK REVIEW

Normally, I read books in sequence. I just follow the ‘FIFO- First In- First Out’ policy. For ‘The Poison Artist’ by Jonathan Moore, I made an exception. How could I hold myself back after reading my favourite author of horror stories Stephen King’s comment. He says ‘it is an electrifying read… I haven’t read anything… Read More »

10 Books to read from 2016

As 2016 comes to an end, here I am with the round-up of books I recommend reading. (Click at the respective year to read the list of the books I recommended in 2014 and 2015) And right at the top comes the disclaimer. Frankly, I have read most of them, but not all of them.… Read More »

Brilliant Storytelling…- BOOK REVIEW- A Village Dies- by Ivan Arthur

After a long time, I read a book that is an example of brilliant storytelling. ‘A Village Dies – your invitation to a memorable funeral’ by Ivan Arthur. Published by ‘Speaking Tiger’. It is a story in convenient flashbacks. TVD, is a story of two villages Kevni and Amboli, in erstwhile Bombay. A mixed community… Read More »

First CURTAIN CALL – a nice experience

This year. I have been slow in reading books. I have been focusing my energies and devoting time to two yet to be finished project. I picked up ‘CURTAIN CALL’- Compiled and edited by Rafaa Dalvi and published under ‘Half-Baked beans’ featuring stories by 20 storytellers, on request of one of the authors ( Sanhita… Read More »


It is beyond my comprehension, why most of the influential well-known people keep books caged in the fancy book rack’s along the wall of their reading room. The literary over the tortured ego wall proudly display’s the collection. The books sourced, owned and hopefully read by them. The books act like trophies, and they pose… Read More »

Nawabs Nudes Noodles – India through 50 years of advertising- BOOK REVIEW

Most in advertising will agree to the statement that ‘Advertising is a self-evolving art’. The problem and the debate start when advertising is expected to capture the essence of the era or as a catalyst accelerates societal norms. NAWABS NUDES NOODLES by Ambi Parameswaran also raised this issue while capturing 50 years of Indian advertising,… Read More »