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My hating Pokemon means nothing

I have not liked a bit of it, Pokemon invading my privacy without any intimation or invitation. When I picked my Honda BRV a few days back and was driving past Shivaji Ground, one of them was sitting on my shoulder where the seat belt is plugged on, one was at the park staring at… Read More »


Do brands get the conversation they deserve- the NIKE case

It was IIFA award show this Saturday when I saw it for the first time. It was Deepika Padukone who was talking about having depressed some two years back and then sports helping her survive that phase and add aim to life. I was getting interested in her talk when the ad started…. The longish… Read More »


Waking up early morning at 4 AM, I watched the spectacle unfold in my TV screen. DD was telecasting the first Shahi Snan ( Royal Bath ) from Simhasth Khumb, Mahapura at Ujjain, the city of Mahakal, also known as Avantiuri ( named after King Kartveeryarjun’s son Avanti) and Ujjaini. Other ancient names include Padmavati,… Read More »

The new friendly neighbourhood money lender

What will you do, when you need a loan and no have time and space for all the paper work, follow-up and negotiations. More so, your current status may not be the best suited for extension of credit by a bank. And you definitely do not want to take a big swipe on your credit… Read More »

At least now leave smoking on Sunny Leone’s request- 11 MINUTES.

If I was to believe the team on ‘11 Minutes’ – anti smoking AV, then much before the SIN TAX by the finance minister in the coming budget, there is a steep escalation in the minutes of your life you lose by smoking. Earlier estimates while I was growing up used to be 2 minutes… Read More »

Natural Calamity and positive after affects.

It is time that media played its constructive role to the hilt. It must take up and share positive stories, thoughts and action from Chennai. Unfortunately, my experience shows that positivity will not find as much space as the Mukherjea’s. It will die its natural sudden death. The argument that positivity does not sell will… Read More »