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Tweet   Follow @S_kotnala The whole family is celebrating. Deep into their prayers, they are offering Ahuties at the havan. Sanjeevani stands in a corner. She is treated like an outcast. Every female member knows her pain. They are the first ones to guide her from absenting from the rituals. They share knowing glances. Yet, none… Read More »


Why Watching BIG BOSS 9 is good for you?

Tweet  Follow @S_kotnala I am happy. BIG BOSS (BB) is back on Colors. I openly acknowledge it to be my favourite show. In fact it is our family’s favourite show. I see eyebrows going up. I see a faintly sarcastic smile spreading and then freezing at the end of those twinkling questioning eyes. The stiff jacketed… Read More »

Take care of media to amplify your unpaid media coverage.

Tweet  Follow @S_kotnala ‘Is media taken care of’ or ‘I hope someone is taking care of media’ used to be pregnant thought with the event organisers. It was one of those things that defined their success, something that made them anxious. With time the things have changed. The meaning and needs from media have changed. To… Read More »


Recently I had an opportunity interacting with the TAPRI CHAIWALAS* at Nagpur. The occasion was launch of AMRIK MILK. A milk brand with higher fat content that delays blackening and retains taste of the tea, which is almost continuously boiled at these shops One of the 650 odd tea vendor mostly Chai Tapri walas, an elderly Muslim** who… Read More »

For Brand continuity you need brand knowledge.

Today we are part of a hypersensitivity and chaotic environment. Brand learning is no longer an annual review process. The frequency of media and creative initiatives is ever increasing. The life of a campaign is shorter than ever before. There is information overload. And in such situations the brand is under stress and threat from… Read More »

11 Reason why your training programmes fails

Tweet       Follow @S_kotnala It’s the time of the year when most organisations tend to re-evaluate their training programmes and the progress they have made. Senior management sees it as not delivering the right ROI. Employees feel that right training is not being imparted. And the poor trainer suddenly has no idea why after… Read More »