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Shaandaar. No Jaan in it.

Tweet    Follow @s_kotnala Every batsman or a bowler does not always perform to his full potential. SHAANDAAR by Vikas Bahl lives true to this sporting truth. You can resonate better with the statement ‘Past performance is no guarrantee for future perfiormance’ after watching Shaandaar. After 145 minutes you want to know what was the director wanting… Read More »



INTRADIA is a part of    P1P2SOLUTIONS   which  is dedicated towards liberating solutions ( Ideas). As an successful ambitious organisation with clear goals and objective, your team is one of the best talent group in the category. They collectively have a huge experience and most likely their potential has not been fully exploited. Its seen that an EXTERNAL… Read More »


Intradia a part of P1P2SOLUTIONS which  is dedicated towards liberating solutions ( Ideas). We believe that an organization as a whole or any department within it is continuously facing multiple challenges, opportunities and issues. In its attempt to address all of them, the resources available and deployed get diluted leading  to unsatisfactory results. P1P2  symbolically… Read More »