‘No Dancing around’ the CONSENT

By | March 4, 2016

Now, what do you do in the land of Kamasutra with no –sex education, when a decently simplistic honest communication on ‘Consent in sex’ lands in your mail. Well first of you see it for what it is and then start looking at how and why it is still miles away in your ‘developing’ country.

You realise that the next peak on CONSENT COMMUNICATION has already been reached. Not sure how many of them have award and controversies more than communication in mind. But then that is another subject.

Personally I support the new wave of clear communication. I am sure that nothing like it is going to happen in India. It is too blatant and suggestive for us. A country where GUDDA-GUDDI ( bride and groom) full of relationship cues and gender differentiation is the most played game in childhood. Where lessons in sex are first read over hard writing desk smudged with deep graphics. Or the new mysteries of life are discovered huddled closer to darker accesses or on the staircases leading to nowhere. And currently with internet and smartphones the images are so vividly planted in mind that this carton rendition should not be any surprise.

There is ample reasons to believe that clearer messages are more justified while dealing and differentiating suggestive Vs real consent to indulge. May I add that the country is in need of proper-guided sex-education.

I know the knowing smile which says- is it not like cake and bread. Why worry about sex education when we are still grappling with education.

They are two different priorities and must be tackled individually. Associating one with another is wrong. Morse so sex is going to part of life you have education or not. The route to sexual exploitation moves through lack of education and knowing or rights. And in many places CONSENT- real or misunderstood is not even considered as necessary condition.

Here , one may find it horrifying representing Sexual Genitals as cartoons and lable it ‘no dancing around’. Please view the simplicity of message. Such straight-open- not liable to misrepresentation communication should be done for every such issues like wrong touch, child and women sexual harrasment and even racism.

Comapred to this the earlier communication CONSENT AND TEA DRINKING and differentiating between ‘Yes’ and ‘No’ could be considered too Mild. We may have felt uncomfortable with even that but would have slowly adapted to it.

Sex education and such communication in India has always been about boxing with hands tied. I understand the pain when such 303 and StayON try communicating. ( sometime later I will write on it). I remember the work we created at MUDRA Delhi for Dabur Shilajeet which ever got realesed. The fear ‘will it be acceptable’ and ‘what will people think’ Maybe they are the right questions to ask- maybe they are the barrier that needs to be broken. .

I agree, use of silly metaphors cloud the issue? It leads to further confusion. When you are communicatuing to the world of consenting adults- hopefully they are aware what is being discussed. Past records would make us believe that such an impression is illfounded. No one understands this metaphor language. Or no one relly want to acknolwedge the need and understanding.

I think this stark cartoon genetial world is not explicit and harsh for a message that needs to be drilled down. More of it is required in the era where promiscuity is on rise and sexual taboo are falling by the day.

But don’t know why- the print out does not seem that enterprising


The article from ADFREAK that landed in my mail and made me think
 Creative Toronto agency Juniper Park\TBWA
And my piece was first published in marketingbuzzer.com