8 Diwali Films that caught my eye.

By | November 7, 2018


Festival time is advertising time.

There are many region-specific windows of festivities like Bihu, Onam, Durga Puja, Holi, Makar Sankranti, and Kojagiri etc. Alternatively, the same festival celebrated under different regional IPR across regions. However, nothing beats Diwali as the festival of advertising nationally. Brands know festivals are the time to indulge and buy. They go out of their way to facilitate it with sale and discounts.

Diwali is also the time for caring, sharing unity, togetherness and appreciation. Some brands see this as a different opportunity to present a differential thought or Idea. Many of these ideas are stretched or forced implants. They lack a direct functional link or the cause-binding message. Such brands and messages leave no impression. But, there are always a few of them that are worth sharing. Here is my pick from 2018.

The 8 Diwali Films That Caught My eyes.

AADHI AADHI DIWALI. In Indian families, the daughter-in-law gets time to celebrate Diwali with her parents, even while staying in the same city. The new family priorities define her life. AADHI AADHI DIWALI is a playful reminder; marriage is coming together of two families. The parents of daughter-in-law have as much of a right to expect their daughter and son-in-law to celebrate festivals with them as the parents of the husband.

COKE comes to help of working singles. Ayushman Khurana is the young Dilliwaal ladka working somewhere in the south. He complains he is missing Dilliwaali Diwali. The girl living next door (relations beautifully left to the imagination) overhears him. Magic happens. The South Indian family comes together to create Dilliwaali Diwali for the young neighbourly bachelor.

Tata Tiscon (Joy of Building) comes to aid of the lonely elders. It’s not new. It’s a universal phenomenon. The idea is nice but not well executed. It is as forced and weak as the Brand association.

The HP film. One of the best. Here, the kids use HP printer to make posters. These posters pasted all around the society helps the elderly diyawaali aama to sell all her diya. Now she can also have a happy Diwali. The product and its ease of operation are seamlessly woven into the story. It makes you think.

“Anchor Electricals’ MCB for the Naye India ke Badhte Load ke Liye‘ campaign delivers benefit, product superiority and brand trust. All in a humorous take on the situation.

Legrand electrical fittings try building the community of electricians, their last mile of connectivity with the consumer and strong influencers. They go through a template approach demonstrating how the goody good electrician is busy during the festival. Festivities at his home must wait. The good guy, our hero, the electrician is helping to light his customers homes while.

GREENPLYWOOD seeks your help this Diwali. It asks you to think of what the pets go through when you burst crackers. They also share that dogs hear the sound 4X multiplied, and that will be huge. Simple message. The product is in the centre, but there is no forced selling.

The last one to get a mention is Ghadi detergent for the dignity of labour. This time the film addresses the work and contribution of the maid.


There is no real magic other than in the HP printer ad. There is some element of curiosity and engagement in the Coke- Dilliwaali Diwali and the AADHI AADHI DIWALI of Schmitten Luxury Chocolates. The Legrand electrician is also a beautiful story. Unfortunately, most of the other brands cut through the creative clutter but miss on the brand relevance and association.