The father.

By | June 24, 2017

You see the picture. You see happiness. I know; it will be tough for you to reconcile with the information I will share. Not that it is unexpected, but because it shows the emotion.

This is Mr. X. I never checked for his name or story. Early morning, he can be caught taking his kid in this baby stroller and sometime his wife (think so) is also with him. He takes a leisurely walk. All his attention is on his kid.

Now see the other picture.

This is his home, right under the sky. Two rundown mattresses make the bed. These someone has discarded and he has gleefully collected. Bricks create the fireplace for making food.

I do not see another set of clothes drying.
There is a small aluminium box; kids to take to school. It is all the family has.

However, when I cross him, I see him smile.

I don’t know, why do I feel that his carefree smile is far broader and sincerer than mine!
He seems free spirited. I envy him.

I see him with his kids. I think he would be a worried man.

He may have given up on his situation and accepted whatever life has thrown his way.

Or is he thinking, what will save his family during Mumbai rains?

Happy father’s day.