GHAZI ATTACK- a must watch

By | February 26, 2017

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We have many war movies, but this is the first Indian UNDERWATER war movie. It is the story of Indian Submarine S21 on a classified mission intercepting the Pakistan Submarine Ghazi, in the bay of Bengal. It then metamorphoses into a strategic  survival story loaded with patriotism.

The whole team of GHAZI ATTACK  must be complimented for a brilliant job.

Kay Kay Menon plays the ready-to-kill-the-enemy without waiting for the orders’ Commander Rann Vijay Singh. He believes in a phrase that is repeated in the film ‘‘save the nation not by become a martyr but by killing the enemy ‘. Keeping an eye on his is the officer on special duty Lieutenant Commander Arjun Varma (Rana Daggubati). Executive Officer Devaraj (Atul Kulkarni) delivers an understated high-powered performance. Rahul Singh, playing the role of Commander Razzaq, the villain, does a brilliant job though at times tries hard to display restrained irritation on the screen.

You don’t realise, when the time passes. Suddenly, you are staring at the interval slate on the screen. The second half is really tight. The play between the Indian and Pakistan submarine as well as the internal tension in the leadership of S21 takes centre stage. There is over dramatisation in the area where the history is not clear and the film keeps your eyes glued to the screen. The most brilliant part is the audience gets sucked into the S21. You are there. You feel all the emotion. I have heard minor voices across the hall trying to tell the Indian Navy what to do. When it happens, you know the audience involvement and engagement.

Taapsee Pannu is wasted in the film.
GHAZI is not to be missed. Go enjoy.
Cast: Rana Daggubati, Kay Kay Menon,  Atul Kulkarni, Taapsee Pannu  Direction: Sankalp Reddy

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