GoaFest 2016 an enhanced experience

By | April 13, 2016

First published in DNA, Mumbai

Goafest 2016 can be summarised as high on energy with good knowledge sessions and charged after-parties. In short, a celebration of excellence. Thank you AAAI, AdClub and the whole advertising, media and marketing fraternity for making it a huge success.

GOAFEST2016 BLOG 1There are many version of ‘My Goafest’ as it satisfies different needs, but skews are inevitable. Some call it a ‘beer and beach’ event, while networking types see it as anything between a ‘How’re you doing’ walk-through to a ‘let’s catch up’ promise to a serious business and influencing opportunity. For many (hopefully most) it is a conduit to the best the industry has to offer, that must be viewed as a holistic experience.

Whatever the need, this year’s Goafest has delivered a quantum, positive leap in experience. And to the inevitable naysayers and hyper-critics guiding, I merely say this: Crib if you want.

We should acknowledge the positive experience enhancer at Goafest. Realise that events on the scale of Goafest will never be able to tick all the boxes at the same time, and that results will take time. However, Goafest 2016 saw some high-powered speakers share a spectrum of divergent but relevant viewpoints, trends, expectation and processes.

Knowledge speakers satiated

the delegate’s desire for a 360-degree understanding. And there was no mega digital push!

Many statements on client expectations and agency relations, creativity and insight were repeated for the nth time. It only told us how slow we have been to change and adapt. The real test is in practice.

Screen Shot 2016-04-13 at 2.33.32 pm

‘Braincoupling’ was quite evident in the Q&A sessions. It does not matter what worked — the Rs 25,000 prize for the best question or the moderator filter. The net result was that they were relevant and effective Q&A sessions. The jury seemed to be stingy with Golds. Read it as a wake-up call for agencies and clients. They need to put a lot more effort into finding jury approval.