The GOOD, The BAD And The UGLY

By | June 1, 2017

GOOD, BAD AND UGLY is contextual and relative terms, they have a lot of subjectivity built in. Here I share some Good, bad and Ugly examples from advertising, communication, marketing and society in near past.


The best if in recent times been the interview of Army Chief Bipin Rawat. It is direct from heart and shows what true leadership is all about. I am sharing it here not for the action- inaction and what is the situation in Kashmir, but to show, what leadership is all about.
I liked this simple TVC of Volini the pain masking gel. It shifted from occasions of pain to fast relief to expand its communication. Someone is definitely thinking. For a change, there was a story that kept you in the game, and the message delivered loud and clear.

Now, here is something worth sharing. GOOD IDEA WELL EXECUTED. A seventeen member MYFM leadership team was on its annual trip. This time it was for a week in US. Thirteen members of this team have small children. Definitely, they are the one who misses the parents the most. Harrish Bhatia the ever people centric men initiated a small gesture with the Corporate HR and executed across the five different cities – Chandigarh, Indore, Jaipur, Nagpur and Noida.A day before they were to return the families got a goodie back with an emotional message to the kids. Now, in some case the families were not even at the station, and the team reached out wherever they were. I personally see a huge people story here. A smile gesture that means a lot more to the families. Even the team travelling was unaware of the surprise planned by their organisation.Here is the reaction of one of the employees on trip “VIDHI: This was overwhelming! Vidhaan received his gift when I wasn’t around. It was more a surprise for me than him. Message on the gift said – Mom Missing you baby. I couldn’t have asked for more. I can’t Thank You enough Sir & HR team for being so caring and thoughtful.” Definitely, it was a ‘JIYO DILSEY’ moment.

This is not surprising, as MY FM believes in creating the bond not just employees but with their family members too. For example, at MYFM in addition to birthdays of the employees, birthday of their family members, including parents is celebrated.
.Sometime back MYFM celebrated its 10 years with a four-day musical and cultural extravaganza – Jalsavaad in Ahmedabad. Here the brand surprised air-travellers flying into Ahmedabad airport with goodies. .


The cacophony of AR.NAB continued, and it is scary as to who is being patronized by the audience now days. How thin is our understanding and how flimsy things can be taken and stretched by miles without any guilt? Not only, the first Sunday Debate hinged on a phone number and a conversation promoted as a confessional statement of a cyber cell terrorism.
It was a circus out there and even the Pakistani clowns had a day. It is beyond my understanding what makes these sitting duck Pakistani’s come to be massacred.
However, it is all OK. We know, the good intending self-proclaimed over the decibel limit warrior at times gets swayed and flows with his unidirectional non-apologetic headstrong assumptions. Pardon him for it.
What went bad was the use of resources created during his earlier stint to promote and launch the channel. The tapes exposing Shahsi Tharoor in Sunanda murder were Times Now property. Use of them by . Use of them by Republic TV was unquestionably, Utterly unprofessional.


The NBA assault on BARC by backing out of the ratings was one of the ugliest moments. BARC was justified in releasing the data. They were doing their job by recording and sharing what India watches even if its What Nation wants to know.
BARC is not the regulatory. NBA is. And NBD does not seem to have a clear directive restraining channels from adapting multiple LCN. Moreover, if one believes what is said, it seems its members have in past resorted to such tricks. It’s time NBA re-evaluates its stances and creates new norms to be followed.

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