The HAPPINESS MODEL you can follow

By | May 10, 2018

Your mental and emotional state is in your business. So is Happiness.

Blaming the circumstances and other characters in the episode of your life, you only gain temporary relief in escapism. To be happy, you need to commit self to keep yourself happy. It is not to deny the impression and impact various materialistic outcomes, emotional states, proximity – distance or absence of specific people in life make in your mental state. In the end, your psychological state affects you more than anyone else. We forget to realise that we have near absolute control on the same.




DON’T UNDERESTIMATE YOURSELF. You were a winner form the start. Were you not the sperm that beat the rest to create life? Get back the feeling. Underestimating creates negativism. If you do expect less from yourself, you are going to be satisfied with less and end up performing so. It can lead to a downward spiral delinking your life from happiness.

HAVE NO REGRETS. Past is something you can’t change. It’s the only role is for us to take our learning and move ahead. Do not ponder more on your failures, other than them being the source of inspiration and learning. Focus on your success; draw further power and motivation from them.

STOP SEELING PERFECTION. It is always work-in-progress. Once you stop trying to be a perfectionist, many more things will start making you satisfied and happy. It is not about stopping to improve; it is about stopping to be perfect. Some flaws add to the continuity and purpose in life.

BELIEVE. You are unique. A single model. You cannot be a copy of someone else. And you know yourself the best. So, what is this about continually comparing yourself and your circumstances with others? Life is an individual sport and a journey where if you are regularly improving self, the rest will happen as a bonus.



DEFINE YOURSELF. When you live life according to expectations and coordinates defined by someone else, you are playing within constraints. There is a constant conflict when you look for approval and appreciation from the source of expectation that is defining your life. You should change doing what you think is right. Doing what you want to do. Stop waiting for other’s to approve and appreciate. Define your core, your values and behaviour. Define your life. Define your Brand-i.

CHECK OUT. Stop feeding on the assumptions within professional and personal life as it impacts relationships. They skew thinking and prevent clarity. Fundamentally remove the haze as much a possible by getting as much information as possible from as best a source. Get to the origin. Seek clarifications and stop your biases from flaring.

MAKE CHOICES AND DECISIONS. Making the right choice may be difficult, but there always is a choice. We are a result of all our decisions, choices and experiences. Even status co- is a choice. Sometimes it may be the right choice.

You will never get to a stage where your every decision will be right. It never is. It will never be. No one can give a guarantee. Failures are part of life, but they should not lead to procrastination and inductiveness. Move on. Always move on in life.

ACT NOW OR BLAME YOURSELF. You and only you have the responsibility to change your life. You will decide to act and let the sunshine of happiness warm your life. It is for you to decided now with no further procrastination to move ahead, delink the past, define life with your expectation, start appreciating and find the real you within yourself because you are the only person who can define Brand-i and make you happy.