A joy to watch this ‘HINDI MEDIUM’ Film

By | May 19, 2017

‘Hindi Medium’ brings alive the insult and the taunts that these two words hide. It cannot be explained and must be experienced or at least observed. How polarised are expectations of the desires and aspiration, when you change to an English medium school?

The words ‘Hindi Medium’ stands-up and shouts loudly. It carries with it many disturbing signals, expectations, dreams and ambitions. Don’t tell me the situation has changed, because it has not.

This bias exists for every regional language. This could very well be a story in Bhubneshwar tilted Oriya Medium, in Pune – the Marathi Medium, and it would have carried the same impressions.

Undoubtedly, the Mrs. Mita Batra ( Saba Qamar- The Pakistani actress) wife of a fairly well-to-do local tycoon dreams and want the best English Medium school for her young girl. Mrs. and Mr. Raj Batra ( Irfan Khan) are a product of Hindi Medium school. She is willing to do anything and everything and go to any extent to realise this dream. GO AND JOIN BATRA’s IN THEIR JOURNEY before someone starts raising the Pakistani actress issue.

Just chill and enjoy this slow paced film with lots of situational comedy. Do not try reading too much in the people chosen to portray the struggle. Don’t question creative dramatisation and leaps of faith. Do not look for happy endings, though it also suffers from the moral compliance and do-good heroism of Indian films.

It is a movie to watch. It never promised anything else, still it has become TAX FREE at least in Mahrashtra.

Parents will agree and endorse that they themselves have blindly participated, mutely observed and helped write new rules to this game called admission to English medium school. I am aware of some horror stories and strategies adapted in Mumbai by few friends who makes the movie look quite sane.

The movie banks on our understanding of the pain and frustration when dreams get shattered. It is really a tough world out there for first-time parents getting their kids admitted to the school of their choice.

I went for this movie not because of Saket Chaudhary. Honestly, I have neither seen and nor do I remember Pyaar Ke Side Effects and Shaadi Ke Side Effects . I went for my super dashing hero Irfan Khan, who is yet to let me down. I went for this slow but passionate commercial art cinema, which keeps you surprising with stories.

Irfan is worth every minute of screen time, and the price printed on your ticket. Saba Qamar impresses in her act. She in certain place’s surprises you with the width of her expressions. She delivers in her role.

I like the short simple dialogues that help the movie move forward and make the situations so powerful. The use of pause in many places allows the cast to emote and express with their eyes and faces. Amitosh Nagpal, the dialogue writer manages to get almost everything right. There are minutely characterized nuances adding to the experience.

Deepak Dobriyal character is superb. He really seems to be a person from Bharat Nagar. He plays in that space as if he owns and understands it. And there are many other characters who leave a mark. The school counsellor, the rich guest and college mate of Mita Sanjay Suri, Amrita as the Principal of the school, the worker in Irfan shop and the actor who plays younger Irfan.

It is time you dropped your other plans for the weekend and went for this class act. Here is the trailer for you to whet your appetite.

And by the way, I found this promotional jig with AIB really funny. It is a bonus on this blog for all the Irfan fans.

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