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OK. It’s customary for the critics to unquestionable trash SALMAN KHAN’s movies and yet the BOX OFFICE would be forgiving and Salman is on his way to collect his EIDI. The line from movie actually sums it up ‘Mere baare mein itna mat sochna, dil mein aata hoon, samajh mein nahin’. Rest of the review is me just trying to sound very professional in approach. BHAI, BAAP PHIR MAAL BATOREGA



Kick, kicks out of window every known marketing funda. You cannot fool the audience time and again. First the product must be good. You have to address a defined TG. Or maybe Kick and such movies are writing a new chapter in Indian Cinema Marketing. Which unfortunately is being missed by lot of us.

Maybe it’s not the film but the Cinema ticket pricing that help define the success. On Friday Multiplex front 7 rows went empty. That audience was not willing to pay 230+ for the movie. But, they will be back in the pre-noon and afternoon shows. Then Salman movie and EID is a combination that’s been established. And there are sets of audience who will watch him till he performs- customer loyalty at work.

But still reviewing is addiction and here I go digging another Salman Movie.  If at all anyone could take the blame for such UNFORGIVABLE and truly FORGETTABLE movies being made- it’s the audience. GO WATCH IT AND AGAIN REINFORCE THE BELIEF OR PRODUCER – DIRECTOR THAT THIS SELLS.

And did I read correct. 4 screenplay writers is solid recipe for disaster. More so, when it has CHETAN BHAGAT in it- screenplay writing is a different ball game.

Sajid Nadiadwala’s disastrous debut will take him to 200+ club. And this may not be the last EIDI that Salman would collect. Still, its tough on the fading star caught up on age trap to salvage the act So, lets blame the script.



There are enough gaps in the story and flaws in the  screenplay.  You never been asking for any explanation and expect none in  KICK. Situation crop in and are left unresolved. Sequencing is terrible.

There is an attempt to fill those gaping holes with SALMAN mannerism. But its really NAWAZUDDIN SIDDIQUI who does manage to salvage a bit. The TOCK has potential of becoming a teenage mannerism more than Salman’s Kick. And that speaks a lot.Before anything else, RANDEEP HOODA walks through his role of Police Inspector. Though, his stoic frozen face does very little through out the movie. But some expressions do cross his face and you see traces of possibility. When he and Salman are drinking sitting ion the ledge. By the way- if we have Cigarette smoking warnings- should this shot also not carry one of the warning. Drinking is injurious to health. Or Do not sit on high rise ledge while drinking.

 Jacqueline Fernandez looks highly glamorised. Overall she is OK OK as the character. Maybe she is the only one who would fall for the kick. Her part of the song JUMME KI RAAT is so erotic that one wonders why did we have NARGIS FAKRI.


SOME KICK: Jacqueline Fernandez looks highly glamorised. Overall she is OK OK as the character. Maybe she is the only one who would fall for the kick. Her part of the song JUMME KI RAAT is so erotic that one wonders why did we have NARGIS FAKRI.


Mithun Ckakraborty is a waste. He has been known  to have done such stupid mistakes in his early career. Picking roles that he should stay away from. Oh! by the way there is this lady who gets the minor mention and a role to exploit her TV Image.  ARCHANA PURAN SINGH as Salman mom.  SAURABH SHUKLA, SANJAY MISHRA, VIPIN SHARMA do what they are expected of.

So, Salman plays his another Robin Hood role. After all the HERO can not be negatively motivated. The chases are becoming better but lack the finesse. Including the street  cycle chase ending on Salman much talked crossing of rail shot. And there is enough of DHOOM impression with a ace thief and a determined LOSER cop.

There is very little that the city of WARSAW would gain from  this KICK. And if their toursim board has funded supported this- maybe time they ask their money back.  Sajid is not Yash, and he can not with these glossy frames make another Switzerland.

My favourite shot and it’s a class. This is Nawazuddin, who has just killed the doctor. And slowly plays with his weapon, bursting the bubbles, the bubble wrap. It was chill. You hated him at that movement. He holds his own in all scenes. He need to be better utilised by the industry.

As none of you will watch KICK for the plot- or so called plot- first time ever in my reviews I take pleasure in sharing the plot.

Devi Lal Singh (Salman Khan) is a guy who wanders about searching for kicks.  He has moved through enough jobs. His father (Mithun Chakraborty) eggs him on in his  pursuit. Who toh saala iska real mai baap hai. Devi meets sexy Shaina (Jacqueline Fernandez),  come home to meet parents. Is jobless again and then shaina does what she should not- question future.  Now he wants to earn money- as that Shaina said means settling down. So Devi lal becomes Devil. And so, there is a single cop assigned to crack the case.  Cop, (Rajdeep Hooda)  is after him. As Devil is after the politician goonda (Nawazuddin Siddiqui) and his friends who keep his ill wealth.




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