Kyoorius : Awarding Work, not the Organisation or the Individual

By | May 8, 2015


I like the way Kyoorius Awards has been shaping up. The team behind it is doing everything possible to build it as a more relevant and engaging platform for the Industry. Rajesh Kejriwal definitely has a good team and counsel of  friends surrounding him.

kyoorius-awards-2015I am impressed the way the entries have increased and with the Jury process. Last Saturday, I made a small detour to Nehru Centre where I caught up with Rajesh and saw the Jury in action. I liked what I saw. I thank Chaitanya for taking me through the iPad-based jury app that is making the process easier and smoother.  There is a helluva lot of backend work done that now allows the team control process control. I do hope we will see a much wider cross-section of the fraternity at the award show towards the end of the month.

Communication solutions, campaigns are a result of teamwork and this thought finds echo in the awards. At Kyoorius, it’s work that is awarded and not the agency, client or the production involved in it. Let me clarify.  It recognises and awards every one listed in the credits for an awarded entry. And any and all of them can be on the stage to collect the Elephant. Later, if desired, every one of them can order their own Elephants. In addition to being part of the reception or the conference room ego wall, many replicas find their way to cabins and cubicles. Having your personal Elephant is such a pleasure.

Behind the scene, the team has been working to enhance the industry interaction. I am told that there were instances when the jury has changed the category of the entry, where Team Kyoorius called to suggest entering a work in more categories. Much before the jury meet work been scanned and doubtful case rechecked.

This year the awards have expanded in their approach. On May 21-22, Kyoorius Melt will be held at Nehru Centre. It is a highly relevant format affordable to all organisations and self-driven professionals. A space where the sponsoring brand will be interacting with the advertising- marketing professionals in tailor-made seminars. I personally am a firm believe that if the organising body can take care of the sponsor need by creating such relevant opportunities, they will in some time will have no need to ran annual marathons chasing sponsors.

The award on May 22 will be held at NSCI stadium. Last year, it pleasantly surprised us with scale and style and it promises to be much bigger this year.

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