Life is only worth living in a Beta Mode.

By | May 25, 2018

Life is crazy, demanding world of MAdTech professional; Media/marketing, Advertising, and technology. In addition to the pressure and demands of the organisation, there are many that are self-created. There are so many equations and variables to be balanced in an otherwise unpredictable environment.

We live in a sea of uncertainties. There is with no assurance of outcome. Everything other than death is a mere probability. Moreover, that is not a comforting thought.

We are busy chasing dreams and seeking perfection in our plans, actions, behaviour, reactions and output. We fail to recognise that outcome is merely a milestone in the journey called life. Everything is work-in-process.

Honestly, just like your Brand-I, life is perpetually in a beta mode.


Beta is the second phase of software development. In beta mode, everyone is busy experimenting and learning. It is about uncertainties, openness to feedback and willingness to find a solution. It is for seeking improvement in strategic thinking and enriching experience with enhancements.

It is about knowing nothing is stable. It is about not expect anything and everything to work correctly or as per expectations. It is about not creating stereotypes and not taking a decision based on immediate impressions. It is about seeking repeat experience and data.

It is about believing everything can be bettered. That there is no perfect version and there will never be one. It is about seeking not chasing completeness, knowing we will always remain incomplete.

Beta is all about evolving with time.

Beta version accepts things as they are. It relishes work-in-progress tag visualising the future. Still, there is no space for complacency.

People who enjoy beta mode know, we die the day we stop learning and evolving. It’s different; we may still be alive.

Once we accept a Beta environment of our life, it becomes easy to admit imperfections, mistakes and errors. There is an attitude change. It is no longer a blame game but a lookout for improvement. The barriers and failures are minor aberrations in the path to success. We welcome them with open arms.

We create problems when we seek illusionary perfection.

The beta approach is all about progress. It does not matter, what is the quantum of improvement, till there is progress. It teaches us to appreciate smallest of achievement and success. It forces us to seek a stronger foundation for our logic and assumptions. It pushes us to break assumptions, myths, mental blocks, norms and maybe rules, in the process strengthening our self-belief.

Life in a Beta mode is relaxing yet exciting.

It is no longer a wait for a disruption to announce our arrival. It is the newly acquired calmness in the sea of welcoming uncertainties; then it is easy to think strategically.

We never fail in a beta mode, because we learn with every failure.

Once we realise the advantages of the Beta philosophy of life it changes the spectrum. The more you think about it, clearer we are of our Brand-I, more happier we are, and then we realise; Life is only worth living when we are in a beta mode.