‘MERI PYAARI BINDU’ connects like only an imperfect love story can.

By | May 13, 2017

I was hooked on this movie from the time I first saw its trailer. The enthusiasm was tested by the dreadful slow not-so-encouraging WOM topped with its inability to collect the precious STARS in the review racket.

I am happy; I was not disheartened by these road-breakers and ended up watching this soft smooth non-nonsense love story. It is one of those offbeat types. It is what today’s generation will appreciate. There is enough for people of my age too. It is the new experimental cinema that does not lose its commercial focus.

It is a simple love story. There are few surprises. It is about the crush, infatuation and something unnamed that has a tendency to happen between people of opposite sexes growing up together.

Here the boy is madly in love. A love that is hardly reciprocated. He is the dependable emergency solution provider for her. Or she is something more than that. They go their own way but keep poking in each other’s life uninvited. Their lives are moving at the pace set by society and circumstances. Things seem to stabilise, and it is then you know this soon the story will take its final twist. You are not disappointed.

It is Parineeti’s film. She is simply too good as Bindu, the girl next door. She is completely believable and surprises you with some amount of unexpected dexterity during the few emotional scenes. When Bindu says, she does not know what she wants from life and what she wants to do, you empathise with her as she connects with you.

Khurana as Abhimanyu Roy nick named Bubla is a successful writer of B/C/D grade horror novels. He is the central character. He is the hero in the film. He does a decent enough job but is overshadowed by Parineeti. It happens as he works within his narrow expertise in expressionless ness.

In spite of it, they share a unique chemistry on the screen that is lit by Parineeti’s presence.

The debutant director does justice to the promised experimental narrative which is full of references to the film songs associated with various milestones in Abhi and Bindu’s life. Leaving aside a few places where the creative license creates some out-of-sync-non-representative situations, it is great efforts, and the results are worth your walking to the theater to catch the movie.

Calcutta has been invading Hindi cinema screen with a frequency that can no longer be ignored. This is another film, which is based on Calcutta and finds a series of humorous situations in the unique social fabric and the families living there.

Thank god for ‘MERI PYAARI BINDU’ being an imperfect love story. It is endearing to hear, and you do get engaged with the narrative. GO WATCH IT

STARCAST: Parineeti Chopra, Ayushmann Khurrana, Aparajita Auddy
DIRECTOR: Akshay Roy WRITER: Suprotim Sarkar