By | February 9, 2014

Pitch  campaigns are  magical. They are expected to be strategically aligned in sync with the brand vision. They are said to be  exercise in cautious passion and deep rooted consumer understanding – derived out of some hastily put-together Group discussion and Dipsticks. Unfortunately lot of EGO and DESTINEY rides these campaigns. Shortage of time between the intimation and the pitch adding to the drama.  Its different that most of the Pitch campaign never see the light of the day. If they survive then they live life  bruised beyond recognition. A result of verbal assault through meetings and dictatorially suggested revisions. they lose their soul.

Out of all such campaigns I have been associated with- one stands out. A CAMPAIGN SO GOOD IT COULD HAVE BEEN USED FOR ANY BRAND. May be that was its flaw.  We all have our emotional favourites and we believe in them. This one was one such campaign.

It went with a simple name. ‘ONE LESS DECISION TO MAKE’.  Developed by ‘Lintas’ for ESSAR launch in Punjab. ESSAR would have been one of the few of Mobile Operators in a place where the consumers were already spoilt for choice. And this was nascent part of the industry development- so there was really no major differentiation in product or service. I Think it was developed by Kenneth or Anisha team in the Lintas office, at that time in Mohandev Building; New Delhi. And it that time super-excited even Preeti Bedi – who always had the best nose for what was client looking for.

Let me try explaining this simple concept.

You have to take decisions in life and life is full of them. Decisions mean choices. Means conflict.

So should it be Pepsi or Lassi- it’s a decision to take in Punjab

Though Chicken is not a decision – Tandoori or Gravy- definitely is

Rajdhani or  Kalka mail- a decision to make

But when it comes to Mobile- ESSAR- ONE DECISION LESS TO MAKE- Your life simplified Q.E.D

This was a simple thought. The presentation had at least 3 other such conflicts presented with the last winning thought- ‘One Less Decision To make’ – campaign that time always had 3+ expression in Print in half-page horizontal or it you knew the client had a large budget- 3 full pages.

This was a good campaign, we all loved at the agency, the client liked it- but it never ever got released. This was too good to be buried under all other rejected layouts. So every few months- it was dusted- the brand name changed- situation reclassified and the campaign presented to the next suitor. In-fact in one infamous  instance the campaign was doing all too well in the meeting. Client was lapping up the thought. And the F*&^er decided to read the body copy- which carried the mention of the  last brand it was presented to. Poof went our chance.

There was everything right with this campaign but then something must have been wrong – otherwise why would everybody appreciate it but it could not get released.

Finally it became like a girl- who does not seem to get married and ultimately the parents lose all hope and stop looking for a suitor. This was 1996 I think. And I myself liked it so much that  twice more in my career – I tried rehashing it. Finally the last time I tried it was in 2005 in Bhaskar- a dominant brand which worked well with the concept- ONE LESS DECISION TO MAKE.

Finally I myself gave-up and for me that was ‘One less decision to make’

Or maybe it has a life of itself

Congress or AAP

Coke or PEPSI

Metro or Bus

Rum or Whisky

BJP:- One less decision to make