By | December 21, 2014

PK. When the director says ‘DON’T MISS THE BEGINNING’, trust him and for the sake of other people watching the movie, be on time.  After watching the movie, my first reaction was simply of being surprised. In a country where we file cases and objections for every thing touching religion, why PK been spared? May its Aamir Khan effect. It was good to watch three newspapers Dainik Bhaskar, Dainik Jagran and Rajasthan Patrika in the media association slide. Maybe Khan been able to keep at distance the leaders of Hindu, Muslim, Sikh, and Christian, Jain sect- who are ruthlessly questioned in the movie.

As usual with AAMIR KHAN, film (I don’t know why I make this mistake, knowing its Rajkumar Hirani film) the plot been a guarded secret. A secret that has not lasted 24 hours of release. By that time, the initial good reviews have started pouring in. It is now time to celebrate. The movie will move slowly but will make money. It is a family entertainer other than a scene r two where you may not be comfortable with kids.

PK-4th-380It is the new genre of Indian cinema. There is higher expectation. The respect is yet to be earned. At least they have the charm and the guts to move beyond the traditional element of  loud dialogues and forced storyline with multiple holes. Some of these dialogues have the potential of catching public attention and becoming part of social fabric.

PK. AAMIR KHAN as the main lead holds the film together. He is an actor who regularly surprises us. However, in this his is a not so new an avatar. A laid back slow-burner film by RAJKUMAR HIRANI. He fails to match his earlier performance. A beautiful looking ANUSHKA SHARMA who wins your heart. She is bubbly and charming. Funny, adamant, and you fall in love with her. Nevertheless, in the few scenes that should be emotionally charged, her shortcomings as an actress are apparent. BOMAN IRANI, SANJAY DUTT and SAURABH SHUKLA walk through characters they have played earlier. They bring no newness. Only Sanjay Dutt is a bit of surprise here in his small role. Wasted in the film but rightly casted for the role is SUSHANT SINGH RAJPUT.  He will break many more hearts and the movie is going to further enhance his female following.

PK in its simplicity is a film to recover a lost medallion that is the sole device that can help AAMIR return home.  Unfortunately, it is now with the religious guru (TAPASWIJI) who is pedalling it for something else. Getting it back is tough and a TV journalist ANUSHKA will helps him get it.

PK (Amir Khan) is the person with questions. A different perspective.  A person with logic and rational that is tough to bite. Because he is from another land, where there is single source of power. A land where people communicate with mind and do not tell lies.

God created man and then man created god- is the recurring theme for all the situations. The way religion is now business. It brings alive, corruptness of the system and the blind faith that the population imposes on the God they follow.

Aamir makes PK come alive in more than believable format. The transition from Rajasthan to Delhi is smooth. The logic of meeting the gentleman woman is beautifully weaved in but takes too long to materialise. Rajkumar lacks confidence in his viewer’s power to understand a story-flow. Result, he tries to keep it simple and explain everything. That at times slows down the movie and at other places add to the fun by the situations to narrate it.  Once this process of logic starts the fun is lost. Logic and  rational takes over leading to the ultimate live faceoff on TV. (Other media does not exist) and you are reminded of many movies you have seen.

Unfortunately, the religion and its business remind one of perfect OH MY GOD by Paresh Rawal. Best not to compare the two as Aamir falls short in front of Paresh Rawal. The situation socially seem to have been stagnant as the film brings alive the same line of thinking and arguments.

Though there are situations that are hilarious and some even explosive, the same can not be said for the arguments that are theoretically strong but fail as you know the line of thinking much before the character starts to speak.

This movie is a one-time watch.  You will neither feel great nor you will see it as a paisa waste. GO WATCH IT ONLY FOR AMIR KHAN AND ANUSHKA SHARMA.

Star Cast: Aamir Khan, Anushka Sharma, Saurabh Shukla, Boman Irani, Sanjay Dutt, Sushant Singh Rajput