PREM RATAN DHAN PAYO- social media trial in absense

By | November 17, 2015


If I was to go by social media, PREM RATAN DHAN PAYO is a disaster. So much anguish and pain been demonstrated by audience. Everyone seems to be against it. It is somewhat Uncool to be accepting that you watched PRDP. Such outrage pushed me to watch it last night, just to understand what is the audience is cribbing about. No I am not masochist.

The hall was full for all the shows. We finally managed a decent enough seat in the night show. It seemed that the social media trial was working not working at all. The movie by Monday morning has grossed 101 Cr. So much for Content not being liked by audience.
So, what was happening here?

I believe the brand Salman Khan aka Prem has a huge ‘Positive Brand Immunity’ acquired in recent times. This is one of the prime reasons behind PRDP success. His followers are only swelling. He seems to be doing nothing wrong. This movie of his was against any other recent time character he is played, so it worked.

PRDPIn PRDP promos, Salman was looking decades younger. That would have added a few more followers. Maybe my favourite shows ‘Comedy Nights with Kapil’ and ‘Big Boss’ helped it.

While the public went ‘OH AH OUCH’ for Sonam being cast opposite Salman. For being a tag in the film and doing nothing, let us be honest, she was perfectly cast as none other than Diya Mirza was fit for the act. No Katrina, Priyanka or Deepika would have worked. Anyway this is going to be biggest earner for Sonam Kappor for some time to come. GO WATCH PRDP and enjoy Deepak Dobriyal act.

Let us finish with the bad part first. Manoj Bajpai would have been a better fit than Neil Nitin Mukesh for the step son. The step daughters- Princesses are badly cast, Anupum Kher is wasted and Arman Kholi does not know what he is doing.

Irshan Kamil lyrics are good so are the dialogues by Aash Karan Atal.

Now let us look at Rajshri Productions past record, they had gaps between their major films. That always helps building up the thirst. Mai Prem Ki Diwani Hoon ( 2003), Hum saath saath hai ( 1999), Hum Aapkey Hai Koun ( 1994).

Rajshri films remain true to their core that has not changed since 1947. You can go wrong with a censor board certification but not with a Rajshri production. You know that Brand Rajshri will give a smooth clean film with family values. Something you can watch with you high sister, girl friend, wife, mother or even grandmother.
Rajshri films will have rich grand frames for every shot. There will be songs and more songs sprinkled across the length of the film, as if they were going out of fashion. Hindi films needs songs to succeed and by having 7-8 songs they are just working on increasing probability of being a hit. Maybe for the new breed they do have one song too many. Something they will need to consider along with the duration for their next film. BUT GO WATCH PRDP.

So as far as Rajshri Production is concerned there is no gap between promise and delivery. It is true about ‘Prem’ aka Salman. Though he is in more of a ‘Kick’ and ‘Bajrangi Bhaijaan’ expressions , the character is Rajshri. The mannerism is Rajshri. The costumes are Rajshri. It is a good example of an entertainment brand living to its promise.



There is nothing new in the movie. The subject of Diwanjee wanting to takeover the estate of Yuvraj has been played many times on Indian screens. This is contemporised. That too is so Rajshri; family values and traditions through time. GO WATCH IT.

Now what bugged the audience were few simple things.

The film PRDP was long and with the songs it had it felt even longer.

There were umpteen ads (mostly 1 minuter) before the film and in interval. The pre-interval banter in the movie keeps you smiling but post interval the film really becomes slow. Even Salman looked so constrained with a mannequin that knows how to shake than to act.

It was still the story of a woman falling in love with someone though is destined to marry someone else. So true for Hum Saath Saath Hai, Nadiya Kay Paar, Hum Aapkey Hai Koun or even DDLJ. Finally true love will win. It always does.

There is a clear undesirable over crowding of advertisements during interval. I did not count but can vouch there were more than 15 in interval. This is plain torture for the audience, who after their coke and popcorn is waiting for movie to start. Their information lens is closed and the entertainment lens is open. This lead to skewed aperture and brand exposure is wasted. Even we as a family collectively could remember only 4-5 brands that too the one that were screened post we crossed our irritation threshold. I am not sure if we behave similarly in the long ad break in TV.

At the end. IF YOU HAVE NOT BEEN TO A MOVIE WITH FAMILY FOR LONG and I do think that is true, GO AND WATCH PREM RATAN DHAN PAYO. The family that Laughs together and crib together- is the family that stays together. And that is what PREM tells you.