By | February 20, 2016

It is 7th April 2016. Late in the night
Final publisher Abby just got claimed

You will need an extra drink or two
You need to get sloshed tonight

Maybe, you will find a shoulder to wet.
Maybe, 2017 will be better

Maybe, drinks will not hit you
Maybe, they will hit you harder

You hate yourself.
For having NOT ENTERED Publisher’s ABBY

You know your work was better
Was it worth to enter !

You hate the tweet, the instagram & facebook pictures
They have just started hitting your smartphone.
You carefully switch it off
You know tweet & pictures will be there tomorrow

You know they could have been all yours
Yes, MAYBE it could really been you.
Smiling, proud, celebrating not just congratulating
NOT cribbing disappointed irritated and hiding

Or maybe, you were not meant to be on stage
Or maybe, what you did last year was trash
Only you know

Where will you be on the night of April 7th
Maybe you can decide
You want god’s help to hit jackpot
Help him by picking the numbers first

There is still time

Visualise yourself.
Use the power of affirmation
Believe in the laws of attraction
decide now and here
There is still time

2015- 13 categories just 16 ABBY
Make it better this time
Come enter your best work
There still is time

Last date 23rd Feb 2016

last year winners at

And the list of categories and form for 2016