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37th Episode. Sometime in early 1996. Lintas North India office at Mohan Dev Building, New Delhi under  the able leadership of Preet Bedi APLdecided to expand its operations. In process, it decided to open a satellite operation at Chandigarh, which could cater to Ludhiana, Jalandhar, Amritsar, Haryana, Punch Kula and Chandigarh. The task was handed over to Samir Verma, he delegated it to another person (sorry, I am forgetting the name of the person) and I am supposed to supervise the operations.

Chandigarh. Pic :

Chandigarh. Pic :

Soon we set up a small office in SCO 335-36 Sector 35B Chandigarh and start scouting for business and so keep on meeting new set of cients. Now this is where logic stands on its own head. Lintas then has just become AMMIRATI PURIS LINTAS. Now Lintas itself was a name and heritage that one had to explain to the prospective clients this new name became a discussion point. Invariably no one would want anything but to meet the Punjabi Mr. Ammarai Puri sahib who had merged / taken over Lintas and done so much proud to the community.

It was natural for the people in that city to look at Lintas in this way. They were habituated to deal with agencies which were owner driven and centric- like Arora Advertising, S K Advertising, Smart Media, Monga Advertising that defined the owner or defined the job they do like Ajay Plastic signs, Cine Sat ads, color advertiser, I R J Broadcasting and so on.

It would take time to make them understand the details behind the agency formation. Tell them that it was Ralph Ammirati and Martin Puris, who with Julian AvRutick started Ammirati Puris AvRutick in August 1973 and after many merges and aquision, it was now a new entity AMMIRATI PURIS LINTAS. The moment it became clear that there was no Punjabi Puri Sahib the discussion would just falter. .


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