By | November 30, 2017

I know I am late. Watching ‘QARIB QARIB SINGLLE’ was an after thought. My wife somehow was hell-bent on seeing it and I had to tag along. I am happy I saw the movie. In case you are also one of us who were iffy about it- JUST GO AHEAD ‘QARIB QARIB SINGLLE’.

It can’t be termed a spoiler when I ask you to tag along with Jaya ( A divorcee) and Yogi (another Aab Tak Singlle- customer) on their journey. Yogi on a tame challenge from Jaya, is going back to his three ex- believing they still love him.

It is fun because Irrfan Khan and Parvathy, the lead pair in ‘QARIB QARIB SINGLLE’ takes it to another level. There is something that is not the usual chemistry we talk about.

The role of Yogi seems a perfect match for Irfan. He is a proven versatile actor. You may have watched him in  Hindi Medium this year. Here  he takes the act a notch higher as a  bindass kavi (poet) with no qualms about his life. He is a free bird willing to be tamed.

Parvathy is good. In fact, there are few scenes where she gets to cast her spell with screen presence that speaks of her capabilities.

There are pauses, an involuntary eye movement, a small tick of lips, the eyes that light up or the forehead that is suddenly wrinkled with thoughts- these perfectly fill the gap between wonderfully crafted dialogues.

And finally I have started liking the way directors now days end the film. There are possibilities open for interpretation and well who knows there could be something more.

Star Cast: Irrfan Khan, Parvathy Director: Tanuja Chandra Dialogues : Gazal Dhaliwal