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34th EPISODE .  10th JUNE 2008.  There was tension in the National Brand team at Dainik Bhaskar Mumbai.  It was 10th of June and the rains that started on 1st June showed no signs of stopping. Initially we considered it as pre-monsoon showers but soon along with MET department revised the forecast. Monsoon had arrived a full 10 days in advance.

Seven days from now the TVC and still-shoot for Dainik Bhaskar’s 1st major campaign was lined up. All outdoors and all in Mumbai. It was illogical planning outdoor shoot in June-July-August in Mumbai. But we had a model who had no time!  EURO RSCG Creative team led by Nilesh Vaidya created the brand campaign ‘ZID KARO DUNIYA BADLO’. Board had given its final nod on 15th May 2008 and the teams were racing against time to ensure the campaign was ready by June end.

0The concept ZID KARO DUNIYA BADLO needed a strong protagonist. M S DHONI, Indian Cricket team captain was a unanimous choice. He truly reflected tier-II-III town ambitions and possibilities. M S DHONI was now the Brand Ambassador for Dainik Bhaskar Group. Another  first in print category.

It was smooth sailing, the team at EURO RSCG was overjoyed but the battle of nerves was to yet to start. M S DHONI calendar allowed us just 2 days to shoot. 17th  and 18th June 2008.   The filmmaker Ravi Udyawar was ready but knowing Mumbai he logically pushed for the rain clause. I with my ‘Whitelight Rain Clause’ experience tried my best with Sachin of EURO but it the clause stayed though with a lessor penalty. The production deal was signed on a bright sunny day somewhere around 25th May 2008.

The real problem started on 1st June when unexpectedly havens opened up. Rain started to test our resolve. Ad it was still raining as we held our final costume and Pre-production meeting on 10th June at …. Office. Shaily Tatia a fought for a black and white rendering of the film and we finally agreed.  But, it still It was an outdoor shoot. Alternate ideas, really new scripts were discussed and rejected; there was no time to go back to the Board for approval. We were forced to take the final call, plan for the shoot on 17-18th June. There was really no option. Alternate MSD dates were not available till Nov.

Under our plan, we kept the option of TVC shoot and still shoot on both 17th and 18th. We decided to play as it happened. If it rains- still shoot at Famous- if clear sky- shoot the TVC at Malad. No one was asking what if it rains when you start shooting for TVC or if it rained in short burst.

17th June, I was at airport to pick MSD. The sky was overcast and threatening to open up.  A light drizzle was still there. Further heavy rains were predicted. We had our fingers crossed. I picked MSD and we directly went to the shoot location. Rain by that time had stopped and a bit of clear sky was visible.

Things were looking up when we had a new problem; MSD had to leave the same night. 18th was no longer available. He was supposed to be back in Delhi for some BCCI meeting. We could not contest it at that stage. It’s different that we knew why he was rushing to Delhi but that story some other day.

The still-shoot at Famous for the next day needed to be cancelled. 17th we still wanted to keep the option open in case it rained during afternoon.

The Director took over and made his peace with the new schedule. Wrap up by 3 PM with Dhoni. Move to famous- shoot still- drop him at airport by 1030 the last flight out.

God grace, just like in case of ‘Maruti Ooty’ shoot, this time too my shoot hardly had a rain problem.  No rain clause. But we were late and around 5:30 PM s we were recording his close-up and narration drizzle started. It was late and no way we would have made from Malad to Famous for the shoot. Getting the costume was impossible. But we had a job to do. So, instead of shooting with the costumes designed for the still shoot we finished a scrappy but workable still shoot with TVC costume and few spare costumes available with the production coordinator.

MSD left for airport and the God decided to play catch-up. Sudden heavy rains lashed the city from then through the next 3 days. God always on my side.


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