Make your life Large. ReDiscover Yourself.

By | September 8, 2018

It is such a simple thought that it is too complicated to understand. Life is never about the past. ReDisocver means it was there and you just have to find it again. And once you do that, writing the new chapters in life to define your story becomes so much easy.

It is about dreams and ambitions being more significant than the memories and the experiences you carry. And that is all you are about. You are ultimately the result of all your choices and experiences.

There is always a beginning.

Every event has a start. Some travellers find the way and reach their destination; some fail to move and some anchor themselves to the comfort of current realities. The choice exists for everyone. A few lucky ones do not keep evaluating their options, they take decisions, they act and that’s how they make and then the impact.

To make the future big, you must free your life from the constraining load memories and past.  Steal leanings from the past and bury the rest. Lift the anchor of your life for the ship to sail forward.

You know, the earlier results do not define the future possibilities.

Some people have a different problem. Their success starts defining their newly acquired fear. They are complacent with templates and expect the same key to work with all the locks in their life. We know it is foolish to assume.


Success or failure is just a probability.

You can’t go forward looking in the rear-view mirror. You can’t work with the fear of failure and think, what if it failed. Question yourself and think, what if that succeeds.

People talk of burning the bridges; I ask you to forget your past. Just latch on the learning and nothing else.

Try finding relationships that free you from the burdens and fear of your past. That gives you the perfect balance of co-existence and interdependence.

There is no way you can escape and run away from the present and future possibilities. There is no point fighting realities. You can’t deny them. You must believe ‘best is yet to come’ and give your 100% to the task.

Rediscover Yourself Workshop. 31 Aug 3 Sep 2018. Cottage Nirvana. Mukhteshwar.


Stop Blaming in Life.

Your attitude defines your reaction to a situation. Circumstances are blamed for the approach. And the blame game starts. It’s always easy to blame them and the constraints you operate in.

If you look back on your life, your behaviour and experiences were defining your attitude. You have allowed them to over-ride your instinct. A new SOP gets formed. Something that is slowly becoming a habit.

It’s vital that we are ruthlessly unsatisfied with ourselves. Don’t expect or tolerate mediocrity. Have faith and confidence in your potential and ability to deliver. Ask the best for yourself and the whole universe will start helping you to achieve it. The ‘Secret’ works.

Having clarity of goal and a purpose in life always helps. It brings efficiency to your actions and efforts. The future target in sight is more than a lighthouse in the sea; it is the force that makes you run. It is what makes you get up and act. Rediscovering yourself, again and again, is a necessity. And as you are primarily biased, you will need the help of mentors, friends or coach to guide your effort in this endeavour.

To reap the benefit of success, get rid of people, process and environment holding you back. That is chaining you to today and past. That does not allow you to seek your dreams.  And trust me, the most critical barrier is you. You hold yourself back with the baggage of earlier choices, experience and expectations.

At every stage, believe in self and have the confidence that your best performance is still due. You are a work-in-process. And that is as the truth.

Be anchor-free. Be free of past and its success or failure. Be sure of the future and yourself. The best is yet to come.

Some of the learnings from ‘Rediscover Yourself’ workshop, held at Cottage Nirvana, Mukhteshwar, Uttarakhand between August 31 and September 3, 2018.