By | December 30, 2018

SIMBA is a revelation of an actor. Not that Ranveer Singh needs an introduction or has to prove a point. In Simmba he gets the opportunity to play the shades, a range of emotions, expressions and stunts. He is Dabangg, Singham, Vijay all rolled into one.

Ranveer mai tohra zabra Fan Ho gaya.

It is easy to see why one sees that only Ranveer Singh was the perfect choice for this role. He is really the best kameena. The other possible actor who could have done justice to it, our own Akshay Kumar anyway makes an entry towards the end.


Rohit Shetty for a change creates another blockbuster without the help of his signature car blasts. It is what is called a Paisa Vasool Fulto Masala Entertainer. Rohit keeps the high pace of the film, that does not allow the audience a single moment of distraction. It makes one firmly believe that this Rohit Shetty knows how to extend and rejuvenate the franchise. Look at the Golmal series and now Simmba after Singham.

I must agree with Rohit Shetty when he says in the much-publicised interview “When I start writing a script and shooting it, all I keep in my mind is my audience. The people who come to watch my films are the family audience. If I were trying to prove a point, I would not have been here. There are people who will dislike what I do, but I know that there is an audience that loves my cinema.”

He adds “So, you have to come to terms with the fact that a certain section of the audience might not love your films. One can only hope that they like your films at some point. I deal with the problems of the middle class, and that’s why my films are termed massy. I can’t solve their problems, but at least, I can entertain them. What I find hypocritical is, when someone curses in English, it is considered cool and not massy. However, when the same curses are in Hindi, the ‘massy’ tag is promptly added. I don’t fear my film being a flop, but I do fear losing the audience that loves my cinema.” And that’s reflected in his film.


One has to be in the hall to listen to the audience when Ajay Devgn enters the screen as the special officer Singham. And more so when our desi Rowdy Rathore announces his promotion as ATS head. The clap and whistles bring alive the hall with the real smell of movie entertainment. Simmba clearly announces at SURYAVANSI to be the next in the Simba – Singham Franchise.


I missed watching Sara Ali Khan in Kedarnath. I am told she impressed the audience a lot. Simmba anyway was a One-Man-Army Ranveer’s Film. There was nothing much in it for her to deliver. She definitely seems like one with potential and a range of possibilities. Time will tell.

Sonu Sood simply sleepwalks through his character. It is an extension from his earlier screen characters including the mannerism and baniyaan. No surprise there. Ashutosh Rana fills the Good Cop space in the film and delivers to expectations.


The film dialogues find an echo in the hall. The audience erupts and claps. Listening to whistles after a long time in a theatre in Metro. Can think of what impact it will have on single screen small towns. You will hear the dialogues ‘Chand mai Barf aur Paani Mil Gaya, bus Daru Le Jana Baaki Hai’, ‘Tell me something I don’t know’  and ‘Mera koi Bhai Nahi hai, aab Tera Bhi Nahi Hai‘ in many gatherings and functions.


There is nothing new in this high voltage yet engaging bad cop to turn good cop film. There is an attempt to comment on current law and order situation and bring alive the debate on rape, rapist, public, police and justice.

The songs are unnecessary in this format of film and do nothing to the story or the whole experience. Some of them maybe played over at the year-end party and people may carry the new signature step. Doubt if the songs will last this winter.