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Celebrity endorsement and Why self-regulation is not ASCI’s Job

Self-regulation must begin with ‘I’ before it can migrate to ‘We’ and ‘US’. So, when Advertising Standards Council of India (ASCI) President Srinivasan K Swamy, suggests that ‘be it an advertiser briefing an agency or an agency briefing their team, it’s time we add the ASCI code sign-off to every advertising brief’, for a moment… Read More »


What I want at GOAFEST 2016.

April 7 to 9, 2016 will see the 11th edition of  Goafest. The event has survived a controversies and absenteeism. The team at the helm must be appreciated for doing such a fabulous job. This year afresh the Goafest team meeting important stakeholders – the advertisers, agencies, journalists and past jury members. That is a… Read More »


Tweet       Follow @S_kotnala 72nd Episode. Advertising and Media. The  AAAI negotiation workshop by Ruma Biswas happening today in Mumbai took me back many years. Here is what I am talking about. The subject of NEGOTIATION is evergreen and is relevant in every social interaction. Though the relationship and the transaction between Agency Planner… Read More »

Kyoorius : Awarding Work, not the Organisation or the Individual

Tweet       Follow @S_kotnala I like the way Kyoorius Awards has been shaping up. The team behind it is doing everything possible to build it as a more relevant and engaging platform for the Industry. Rajesh Kejriwal definitely has a good team and counsel of  friends surrounding him. I am impressed the way the… Read More »


There is something really evil sinfully sexciting and orgasmic in slowly giving in to temptation and surrendering to an early break of otherwise a well-debated resolution. Yet, resolutions take birth, fully aware of their short life. This destined death makes the process of creation a lot more interesting. There are our independent individualistic favourite resolutions,… Read More »


37th Episode. Sometime in early 1996. Lintas North India office at Mohan Dev Building, New Delhi under  the able leadership of Preet Bedi decided to expand its operations. In process, it decided to open a satellite operation at Chandigarh, which could cater to Ludhiana, Jalandhar, Amritsar, Haryana, Punch Kula and Chandigarh. The task was handed… Read More »