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If you have not opened your spam folder and read these perfect example of persuasive writing, you have been missing some learning in management.  A recent visit to me, was a revelation on my popularity. I was surprised such genuine interesting highly persuasive beauties wanting for my company. Here is a classic example of their… Read More »


Never too late to develop the ‘Brand-i’

Every action of yours, voluntary or involuntary, conscious or unconscious is being absorbed by your surrounding ecosystem. Each element in the ecosystem is distorting, deleting and generalising to make the impressions acceptable to their belief system and experience. ‘BRAND-i’, is the real net residual impression or perception of you the other person carries in mind.… Read More »


I never bothered when I turned 20-30 or 40. So seem like there is nothing much to think about 50. But if that was the case, I would not have been sitting here punching this note in. ‘50’ is just another number that through ages has been elevated to some sort of a milestone. When… Read More »