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I Am a TROLL- a quick bite

OM GANESHAY NAMAHA. My copy of the book ‘I AM A TROLL- Inside the Secret World of the BJP’s Digital Army’ by Swati Chaturvedi was delivered last week. I could not stop myself from reading it. The super-hot comments and views by fellow member on a whatsapp group led to a deep curiosity. They are… Read More »


‘THE POISON ARTIST’ by Jonathan Moore, a multilayered dark crime horror. BOOK REVIEW

Normally, I read books in sequence. I just follow the ‘FIFO- First In- First Out’ policy. For ‘The Poison Artist’ by Jonathan Moore, I made an exception. How could I hold myself back after reading my favourite author of horror stories Stephen King’s comment. He says ‘it is an electrifying read… I haven’t read anything… Read More »

Brilliant Storytelling…- BOOK REVIEW- A Village Dies- by Ivan Arthur

After a long time, I read a book that is an example of brilliant storytelling. ‘A Village Dies – your invitation to a memorable funeral’ by Ivan Arthur. Published by ‘Speaking Tiger’. It is a story in convenient flashbacks. TVD, is a story of two villages Kevni and Amboli, in erstwhile Bombay. A mixed community… Read More »

15 Books to read from 2015

This year been a mixed bag in terms of books that I have read or plan to read. I stayed focussed on business, marketing, advertising and media books, keeping my distance from anything political or fiction. But here are 15 books I believe one absolutely must read (if you haven’t already!) though not all of… Read More »

Dream With Your Eyes Open and close when you exit

Follow @twitter Tweet A great ease of story telling with experiences that are too near to him- makes DREAM WITH YOUR EYES OPEN a real interesting read. Ronnie Screwvala the first-generation entrepreneur and UTV founder takes you through the roller coaster rides that his life been. In process there are inferences (lessons) that you can deduce… Read More »

17 books to read

17 books that you should read- these are part of the 50 Books I read in 2013- and the one which I felt I could recommend FICTION RECOMMENDED ‘BANKERUPT’ by Ravii Subramanian ‘ASURA’ : Tale of the vanquished. By Anand Neelakantan. Recommended  ‘END OF STORY’ by Arjun Shekar ‘SITA’ by Devdutt Pattanaik ‘BATTLE OF BITTORA’… Read More »