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What I want at GOAFEST 2016.

April 7 to 9, 2016 will see the 11th edition of  Goafest. The event has survived a controversies and absenteeism. The team at the helm must be appreciated for doing such a fabulous job. This year afresh the Goafest team meeting important stakeholders – the advertisers, agencies, journalists and past jury members. That is a… Read More »


Is your brand ready for business calamities like a cloudburst or an earthquake?

Sajeev is one of our emergencies and disaster preparedness experts at Aide-et-Action. He learnt a lesson in the Chennai floods.  Being a disaster management expert, he is always ready with sufficient stocks of essential food items, milk powder, candles, torchlight, basic medicines, etc. However, after two days of power cut in the Chennai floods, when he… Read More »

Only Print Publishers can evangelise the medium.

Tweet         Follow @s_kotnala The annual two-day INMA South Asia Conference commences in Delhi today. Like every year, delegates will join in, expecting to learn something new. However, by the evening, the corridor talks will as usual move towards mistrust and collective inertia in Print. The adventurous ones will start eulogising digital and… Read More »

Developing Positive Brand Immunity

Last week, I proposed that brands must check the level of immunity its consumers have developed towards its message. And the brand should aim at developing positive immunity. A stage where consumers become impervious to messages from competing brands. Remaining unmoved by substitute category pokes. Examples: Fevicol, Maggi, Tata … How does a brand develop such strong… Read More »

Is the Consumer developing IMMUNITY to your brand messages

Tweet   Follow @s_kotnala I hate it, when I am suffering from fever and my doctor refuses to prescribe painkillers or antibiotics. But his logic is simple. My body may develop immunity against prescribed chemicals and then I will need a higher dose. One day even the higher doses will stop working. A new prescription will… Read More »

Bappa – The Language Of Balanced Coding And Resources

Tweet    Follow @S_kotnala The elephant headed, cutely hypnotic and wise Ganapati is the patron of letters and learning. He is the first lord of all. He is worshipped first. He is a lord, friend and idol for the bloggers, storyteller’s (advertising, marketing & business) and people in journalism. He is entrusted by his father, lord… Read More »

CSR: the marketing tool to leverage Internal force with a brand synergistic act

Corporate Social Responsibility or CSR is not a new thing for Indian culture. It has been present in one form or another through ages. Remember how the Jodhpur Palace was created. It was made so that the proud Rajasthanis who would not take alms, could work during famine and earn from the king. CSR seems… Read More »


Recently I had an opportunity interacting with the TAPRI CHAIWALAS* at Nagpur. The occasion was launch of AMRIK MILK. A milk brand with higher fat content that delays blackening and retains taste of the tea, which is almost continuously boiled at these shops One of the 650 odd tea vendor mostly Chai Tapri walas, an elderly Muslim** who… Read More »