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STOP BLAMING SO-REAL-MAR(Ke)Tin(g) for current situation in Indian advertising Industry ?

June 27 1987 is the day advertising started its metamorphosis. Or so people would like you to believe. That day, Martin Sorrell with a confidence that only he understood made the successful hostile takeover of J Water Thompson (JWT). Most likely, he was unsure of the destination or the choices he will have to make… Read More »

‘STORM THE NORM’ too simplified

I must first share three things with you. One, I have taken a long time to read ‘STORM THE NORM; by Anisha Motwani. Two, Anisha Motwani is a friend and a fellow Marketing Buzzer, a thriving community of people with ideas and opinions. Three, I have earlier recommended the book on social media based on… Read More »

Is your brand ready for business calamities like a cloudburst or an earthquake?

Sajeev is one of our emergencies and disaster preparedness experts at Aide-et-Action. He learnt a lesson in the Chennai floods.  Being a disaster management expert, he is always ready with sufficient stocks of essential food items, milk powder, candles, torchlight, basic medicines, etc. However, after two days of power cut in the Chennai floods, when he… Read More »