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MAdTech professional’s guide to a stress-free life.

Wanting to live a Stress-Free Life. Life in  Media, Advertising, Marketing, and Technology has always been stressful. In fact, stress is an integral part of it. Here are some hard truths to help you out from chakravyu of professional stress. You may agree, disagree, debate or discard them at your risk. However, some of you will… Read More »


GOAFEST- expected to surpass expectations !

GOAFEST- 2017, Expect it to surpass expectations. But here is something to think about. Tomorrow, the 12th annual Advertising Marketing Media and Technology KHUMBH of India: GOAFEST, a joint initiative of AAAI and The Ad Club India start at Grand Hyatt, Goa. In the first year, delegates checking into their rooms found an emergency kit… Read More »

Surgical Strike- Free Pitches and Scam ads not accepted

Like in the speech given by Chatur in the film 3Idiots where certain parts of a speech were replaced, here’s an attempt to do the same with Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s address to the nation on November 8, 2016 where he announced the demonetising of Rs 500 and Rs 1000 notes in an attempt to… Read More »

Nawabs Nudes Noodles – India through 50 years of advertising- BOOK REVIEW

Most in advertising will agree to the statement that ‘Advertising is a self-evolving art’. The problem and the debate start when advertising is expected to capture the essence of the era or as a catalyst accelerates societal norms. NAWABS NUDES NOODLES by Ambi Parameswaran also raised this issue while capturing 50 years of Indian advertising,… Read More »

Change the team! suggest you change the agency

AGK- Man with a Spine. An episode shared by CK GUNTUR. If you want to share an episode from your professional life  do connect with me. It was 1992, I was 23 years old, working as a management trainee in a pharmaceutical company in Ahmedabad. But, I had that inane desire to work in the… Read More »

CSR: the marketing tool to leverage Internal force with a brand synergistic act

Corporate Social Responsibility or CSR is not a new thing for Indian culture. It has been present in one form or another through ages. Remember how the Jodhpur Palace was created. It was made so that the proud Rajasthanis who would not take alms, could work during famine and earn from the king. CSR seems… Read More »


Pitch  campaigns are  magical. They are expected to be strategically aligned in sync with the brand vision. They are said to be  exercise in cautious passion and deep rooted consumer understanding – derived out of some hastily put-together Group discussion and Dipsticks. Unfortunately lot of EGO and DESTINEY rides these campaigns. Shortage of time between… Read More »