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SMILEY BRICKS- a simple idea.

Symbols communicate concepts. They are a certifying proof. Implicit in them is an understanding and trust. The Green Dot says it is or vegetarian origin. The Red Cross with arms of equal size denotes protection and care. The sign says medical. Good Weave symbolises Child Labour-Free Weaving. What about the Smiley? We are all conversant… Read More »


Natural Calamity and positive after affects.

It is time that media played its constructive role to the hilt. It must take up and share positive stories, thoughts and action from Chennai. Unfortunately, my experience shows that positivity will not find as much space as the Mukherjea’s. It will die its natural sudden death. The argument that positivity does not sell will… Read More »


43rd Episode :  Male are always on the lookout. Their adventurous DNA pushes them to experiment and take risk outside their existing relationships. They want the naughty-fun. Some score anyway in a no-string attached relationships. Some score mentally. For some buying the scorecard is the only alternative. But, they all score. This incident involves an… Read More »