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BIG BOSS is back this Sunday. ‘Season 10’ is testimony to the popularity, impact and connect the show with the audience. The format remained static for long. People like me cribbed and raised our voices to increase the non-celebrity quotient. I am happy that finally the AAM ADAMI (common man) will be making a honourable… Read More »


I don’t see peace coming down with kabootar

Mumbai is a city battling with the nuisance of many problems and one of them is really the over population of kabootar (dove).  There are kabootar khanas (where dove can be fed) and people eager to feed.  Everyone is aware of the diseases and allergies caused by kabootars and their droppings, yet the universal symbol… Read More »

My learning curve doodling on Samsung Notes 5

I doodle and I doodle a lot. In many ways that is my way to concentrate. People know  of my passion with doodling. They understand my way. Now with the new SAMSUNG NOTES 5- It has given me a new direction and perspective. Now I can doodle whenever and wherever I want. Though playing around with stylus… Read More »

Will opening the house to India rejuvenate BIGGBOSS ?

BiggBoss Season 9 (BB9) came to an end yesterday night. Prince was declared a fitting winner among a host of miscast participants. Many viewers including me have been voicing dis-satisfaction. We pledged not to watch if unfriendly Mandana seemingly anti-Indian attitude wins. Her reaching the last 3 stage was a statement on her PR team… Read More »

Why Watching BIG BOSS 9 is good for you?

Tweet  Follow @S_kotnala I am happy. BIG BOSS (BB) is back on Colors. I openly acknowledge it to be my favourite show. In fact it is our family’s favourite show. I see eyebrows going up. I see a faintly sarcastic smile spreading and then freezing at the end of those twinkling questioning eyes. The stiff jacketed… Read More »


ENTERTAINMENT : Its like a standup comedy show with visual graphics. As loud. CONFESSION– I enjoyed this full over the top superbly hammed AKSHAY KUMAR performance in ENTERTAINMENT. And the halls were full on day 3 tooThe movie trailer and the star cast did  not mislead the audience. You knew what you were getting into when… Read More »