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India Needs GDPR; Because A No Should Mean No.

Seeing the message ‘You have been unsubscribed’ gives that momentarily feeling of Moksha. You think you have won the battle against spams and personalised unwarranted e-mails. It is Maya, an illusion. The same domain rises like a phoenix and starts spamming you sooner than you can say ‘Om Namah Shivaya’. Visiting ant banking, insurance or… Read More »


Does Pierce Brosnan without 007 work for Pan bahar?

I know this is late. In today’s world, this PAN-BOND event is no longer the news. However, the subject is not dead as the advertising community seems polarised in commenting on it. More has been said, commented and shared on the last Friday’s seemingly innocuous front-page press ad of Pan Bahar (PAB) that was talk… Read More »

Are media sellers & marketers in sync with changing B2B realities?

I was reading an article by brand strategist Tony Eades titled ‘Want Better ROI On Your B2B Marketing Strategy? Ditch The Sales Pipeline And Focus On The Customer’ . It immediately struck a chord with me, and I started reflecting at the scenario in India and the established template in media sales and marketing processes.… Read More »

Reload The New Bold Perspective Of Resurgent India

Tweet Follow @s_kotnala When you live in India that Dheeraj Sinha talks about in his book ‘India Reloaded’, it is easy to smile, frown and discard what is being said. A commoner soaks in the ambience on day-to-day basis. He is naturally inert and blind to the trends, events and changes Dheeraj refers and brings alive.… Read More »

Letter to brand manager from a paranoid consumer

Dear Brand Manager The year-end is near. The Third Quarter you call it and you are behind your targets. Nothing new. You are an experienced hand on this. You do have tricks up your sleeve to ensure you get your performance incentives. However, at what yield is debatable. You know you are losing your charm.… Read More »

I am Promiscuous because you are a Flirt

Dear Marketer, We have seen a lot many good days but it is becoming intolerable. You keep on playing tricks that no longer amuse, engage or involve me. The pressure of one-dimensional unilateral expectations you have is chocking me. In our society of MAC: Market, advertisers and communicators, the relationship between you, the marketer/ Brand… Read More »