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Many Lives Many Masters- Book Review

I picked up the book ‘ MANY LIVES MANY MASTERS ’ on the recommendation of my dear friend Aditya Amar. It is a tough book to put down. You always want to know more. You want to know, what the well-respected psychiatrist Dr Brian Weiss (author) finds next while treating a complicated case of 27-year-old Catherine in… Read More »


REDISCOVER is your investment in self.

REDISCOVER IS A COMMITMENT AND INVESTMENT IN SELF. REDISCOVER is a commitment to self. It believes you are already good and have all the resources. You are not creating and crafting something new, you are only rediscovering. ONLY YOU CAN MAKE A CHANGE. Nothing is going to change unless you are willing to invest time… Read More »

Rediscover Yourself’ The most selfish workshop ever.

HOW WELL DO YOU KNOW YOURSELF? Self-knowledge is desirable. However, like perfection, it is tough to achieve. It is a ‘work-in-process’. Hence we need to Rediscover, Realign and Reconnect with our inner self to raise our self-awareness. Our biases due to our experience and choices that have shaped our behaviour and attitude are one of the… Read More »