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Which award will be missed if it goes missing? Lotus, Elephant, Lion, Abby or Pencil

I read the news on ADWEEK / ADFREAK and that made me turn around and re-look at the EGO WALL one has created with time. The trophies and citations stared back- as if they knew what was going through my mind. ‘If, I was to lose them will I miss them, are they important to… Read More »


What I want at GOAFEST 2016.

April 7 to 9, 2016 will see the 11th edition of  Goafest. The event has survived a controversies and absenteeism. The team at the helm must be appreciated for doing such a fabulous job. This year afresh the Goafest team meeting important stakeholders – the advertisers, agencies, journalists and past jury members. That is a… Read More »

Only Print Publishers can evangelise the medium.

Tweet         Follow @s_kotnala The annual two-day INMA South Asia Conference commences in Delhi today. Like every year, delegates will join in, expecting to learn something new. However, by the evening, the corridor talks will as usual move towards mistrust and collective inertia in Print. The adventurous ones will start eulogising digital and… Read More »


Tweet   Follow @s_kotnala In the last two articles ‘Are consumers developing Immunity to your messages’ and ‘How to develop Positive Immunity’ we have discussed the concept of PBI (Positive Brand Immunity). For the brand custodian, it is important to know the impact of their messages. There are three possible outcomes to such efforts. The consumer… Read More »

LAZY ADVERTISING BY MEDIA BRANDS. Show what they think of planners and clients. Those Morons

Tweet    Follow @s_kotnala Media brands in the B2B space take their business communication and related messaging very seriously. While I do not expect them to evolve to H2H conversation anytime in the near future, the fact remains that they do consider their B2B initiatives a very important part of their selling process. Media trade… Read More »

Say no to mediocre creativity. Amplify OOH experience

Follow @s_kotnala   Tweet There is too much of Out Of Home (OOH) advertising. It’s a space that is cluttered. It is tough to make a statement. It is tough to create an engaging experience. It is tough to defend such an observation. Absolutely true for hoarding, bus shelter and other such traditional OOH still seeped… Read More »

Kyoorius : Awarding Work, not the Organisation or the Individual

Tweet       Follow @S_kotnala I like the way Kyoorius Awards has been shaping up. The team behind it is doing everything possible to build it as a more relevant and engaging platform for the Industry. Rajesh Kejriwal definitely has a good team and counsel of  friends surrounding him. I am impressed the way the… Read More »