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Have you earned enough in life?

What have you earned in life? I start with the most obvious question we have been asked. It has always led to comparisons. In the end, we have looked down a few, and at times been jealous of other’s success. We have never missed the contextual financial comparison. I submit we are mostly using inherently… Read More »


Time for solidarity to save advertising

What could be the reason for me to ask for solidarity in advertising? I am a happy-go-lucky person. Very few things bother me. Mine is a life of peaceful co-existence within the highly competitive and inconsistent advertising –media-marketing industry. Nothing is permanent here. The brotherly love exhibited over drinks does not even last the hangover.… Read More »

Sensitive To Stereotype & 1 last question to Ask.

I am not sure where this piece is going. It has unstated directions. It is in a flux, waiting for thought traffic to settle in my mind. No, I am not going to take the blame any more. We are a country of major differences, minor alignments, dramatic impressions and uncontrolled trolling and aggression. We… Read More »


CENSORSHIP BEYOND CENSOR BOARD something we missed discussing at the apex conclave FICCI FRAMES 2017 The burning of the sets of Padmavati, the next mega film from Sanjay Leela Bansali adds fresh chapter to the book of SOCAIL CENSORSHIP THAT IS BEYOND THE CENSOR BOARD. This follows the Manhandling of Sanjay Leela Bhansali sometime back.… Read More »

Tender Tinder- Handle with care

What is happening in this world? Brands are blatantly disregarding current perceptions and looking at a digital exposure challenging regional biases and rituals to create the desired shift. Nothing wrong with it. So, Tinder (yes, Tinder) in its digital film for India has a mother very sportingly approving of her daughter’s dating by swiping right.… Read More »