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Insurance: Smoothening the fear of death with emotional storytelling.

Death is the eternal truth. It is the only certainty in life. However, it is never a pleasant thought to engage in. No one really wants to discuss it. Insurance advertising has to balance the unpleasantness of this life event. In process, Insurance brands have used SHAM (logic), DAAM (price and not necessarily the cost… Read More »


Are you working enough to KILL yourself?

‘If you don’t have hypertension, kidney problem, sleeping disorder or heart problem, even after working 5 years in advertising, you have not been working hard enough’. Don’t know who said it first, but have heard it repeated many times in the advertising and marketing. industry. Many of us laughed as we shared it with the… Read More »

How well can you accept your destiny ‘I WILL GO WITH YOU’.

Tweet    Follow @S_kotnala I got introduced to PRIYA KUMAR the author in one of the bookstores in the airport, while we both were waiting for a delayed flight. That was many year back. Later I  enjoyed reading her book ‘I AM JUST ANOTHER YOU’, so when I saw ‘I WILL GO WITH YOU’ at the… Read More »