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More for Less only works in Fashion Street

Tweet    Follow @S_kotnala In today’s world, the client-agency relationship is perpetually in flux. Agencies have been trying to extend the life of their last winning formula ‘More for Less’  and  protect business. There is a constant fight to grow and be the biggest, not necessarily the best. The agencies have  failed to realise creation of… Read More »


‘Be bad and don’t hold back…’

Tweet   Follow @S_kotnala Stretch yourself and don’t give in to constraints, even if it is always under the shadow of losing clients. The idea is to do something unexpected, writes Sanjeev Kotnala about his learnings from the recently-held Adfest in Thailand Adfest 2015, held recently in Pattaya, Thailand, was a like well-choreographed dance sequence. As… Read More »