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BOOMERANG employees need to pass the GHAR WAPSI test

Getting back to an ‘ex’ is never an easy task. To expect the romance to flame up or to start from where one left is over expecting the welcome. It is a lot more complicated that when a person decides to join back his ex-organisation. The homecoming, boomerang employee is not a new phenomenon in… Read More »


Why Watching BIG BOSS 9 is good for you?

Tweet  Follow @S_kotnala I am happy. BIG BOSS (BB) is back on Colors. I openly acknowledge it to be my favourite show. In fact it is our family’s favourite show. I see eyebrows going up. I see a faintly sarcastic smile spreading and then freezing at the end of those twinkling questioning eyes. The stiff jacketed… Read More »

Appreciating contribution in creating highly untrained leadership in advertising

Tweet     Follow @S_kotnala The classic quote “Our assets go down in the elevator every night” still reflects advertising and communication organisations and highly people-centric professions. Yet, the practice defies logic. Surprisingly, beyond learning on the run, they do nothing in terms of organised training. Throwing in the deep end seems to be the only… Read More »

MASS EXODUS- will you be the next victim

Tweet    Follow @S_kotnala It is neither the first nor is the last time that the news of collective exodus of employees from an advertising agency is being reported. Just like an earthquake, it is unpredictable but bound to happen if the built-up pressure fails to find a release. The signs of stress building need an… Read More »