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Has Women Empowerment endangered working men?

Rajesh sits in the corridor outside the boardroom, still unsure why he’s being branded a sexual predator and an exploiter of women. Why was his behaviour and past being probed? He has always been warm-hearted, easy-going. Nothing has changed and yet everything in his life could fall apart. It seems that the new junior in… Read More »


‘ONE LESS DECISION TO MAKE’ – towards designed customer Intimacy.

Oh, I know. I caught you there with the headline. As a brand / product/ service, you and the customer is not married. On top of that there is no hint of an affair. Intimacy is a desire and dream but then that is where you stand. If I hear you right, you are committed to… Read More »

Can you really blame organisations to equate pregnancy with unproductiveness

When the recent MYNTRA ad opened for comment in the positively inclined diverse set of people who primed themselves  for being open, transparent and seeking diversity in opinion- all hell broke lose. Now if you have missed the ad- you can see it here before you proceed further being an opinionated ‘Fly-on-the-wall’ while I reproduce the interesting… Read More »

For every feature article a scantly dressed woman would do?

Tweet   Follow @S_kotnala Women power. Woman empowerment. Women image. Progressive outlook. Media keeps throwing these powerful words at the common man.Poor soul does not know more than these media stalwarts. He starts believing he is at fault. His self-image takes a beating. Every one is a suspect in his mind. He now hides behind the… Read More »