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Tweet    Follow @S_kotnala 61st Episode. I am taking you all back to late eighties. This one is a story I have heard and don’t know if this one is factually true. But the people who told me that, I would want to believe it is true. Or it is one of the stories you create… Read More »


Can you make someone an ENGLISHMAN overnight

Tweet               Follow @S_kotnala 55th EPISODE. Early 90’s. HTA, Delhi above Ball Bearing Market, 35 Rani Jhansi Road, Jhandewalon fame. There was one annual ritual. That was ARB: Annual Review Board. Where junior Client servicing team (so called Brand custodians) would make a pitch before the whole office, sharing their… Read More »


34th EPISODE .  10th JUNE 2008.  There was tension in the National Brand team at Dainik Bhaskar Mumbai.  It was 10th of June and the rains that started on 1st June showed no signs of stopping. Initially we considered it as pre-monsoon showers but soon along with MET department revised the forecast. Monsoon had arrived… Read More »


Continuing with the brand GILLETTE and WILKINSON SWORD blade, I share with you something that I would not recommend to be copied in the era gone by and the era to come. This is a good revenge story. Simplicity is the key to being effective and efficient. This takes me to a time when RANJAN… Read More »


This is somewhere in the early part of 1996. I had moved from HTA to LINTAS Delhi. I was servicing WILKINSON BLADE account at GILLETTE.  SAMIR VERMA was my boss and RANJAN my junior. It is tough to imagine the science, technology and the quality test for a simple Rupee one blade.  I was fortune… Read More »


Continuing from the last episode I share another episode involving brand HERO HONDA . It was a life and death situation – hilariously funny in its way. With hindsight I can now appreciate the humour in it. SO, WE START AT THE END I was on phone from PALAM AIRPORT sometime in early part of… Read More »