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Small Steps to Enhance Activation Experience

Tweet     Follow @s_kotnala Events and activation are an integral part of a B2B campaign. Properly executed they are successful in engaging and delivering the message. Unfortunately most of the event and activations are good ideas badly executed. The intent behind the activity and the initial design framework are usually right. Time, budget constraints and… Read More »


Take care of media to amplify your unpaid media coverage.

Tweet  Follow @S_kotnala ‘Is media taken care of’ or ‘I hope someone is taking care of media’ used to be pregnant thought with the event organisers. It was one of those things that defined their success, something that made them anxious. With time the things have changed. The meaning and needs from media have changed. To… Read More »


Tweet       Follow @S_kotnala 72nd Episode. Advertising and Media. The  AAAI negotiation workshop by Ruma Biswas happening today in Mumbai took me back many years. Here is what I am talking about. The subject of NEGOTIATION is evergreen and is relevant in every social interaction. Though the relationship and the transaction between Agency Planner… Read More »