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The Midway Problem of Giving up on Yourself.

Happy New Year. It is the time when you have so many brilliant thoughts. When you are dedicated to change things and be more positive. In some time, these thoughts mellow down and practicality sets in. Like a stretched rubber band, you come back to your original self, as if nothing ever changed. That is… Read More »



Waking up early morning at 4 AM, I watched the spectacle unfold in my TV screen. DD was telecasting the first Shahi Snan ( Royal Bath ) from Simhasth Khumb, Mahapura at Ujjain, the city of Mahakal, also known as Avantiuri ( named after King Kartveeryarjun’s son Avanti) and Ujjaini. Other ancient names include Padmavati,… Read More »

Small Steps to Enhance Activation Experience

Tweet     Follow @s_kotnala Events and activation are an integral part of a B2B campaign. Properly executed they are successful in engaging and delivering the message. Unfortunately most of the event and activations are good ideas badly executed. The intent behind the activity and the initial design framework are usually right. Time, budget constraints and… Read More »