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Insurance: Smoothening the fear of death with emotional storytelling.

Death is the eternal truth. It is the only certainty in life. However, it is never a pleasant thought to engage in. No one really wants to discuss it. Insurance advertising has to balance the unpleasantness of this life event. In process, Insurance brands have used SHAM (logic), DAAM (price and not necessarily the cost… Read More »


Is there a deeper consumer understanding in the new TVC by Dabur?

It was sheer coincidence that I found this four-minute AV on the internet. Soon I caught it in its mini version on Television Street. Not surprised that it did not make the viral cut of featuring in Facebook. In ‘Brave and Beautiful’, Vatika took a step forward in making a statement. I am not privy… Read More »

Letter to brand manager from a paranoid consumer

Dear Brand Manager The year-end is near. The Third Quarter you call it and you are behind your targets. Nothing new. You are an experienced hand on this. You do have tricks up your sleeve to ensure you get your performance incentives. However, at what yield is debatable. You know you are losing your charm.… Read More »

Go tell your son how scared you were

42nd Episode. AAPNEY BETE KO KYA KHEGA. PHAT GAYI Macau other than the grand Venetian, casino’s, lobby shows, Cabarets has the famous Macau Tower. This tower has the world’s highest Jump platform, a Guinnes World Record for the Highest Commercial Bungee Jump* at 233 Meters (some 764 Ft). You slow down and stop some 30-meter… Read More »