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11 Reason why your training programmes fails

Tweet       Follow @S_kotnala It’s the time of the year when most organisations tend to re-evaluate their training programmes and the progress they have made. Senior management sees it as not delivering the right ROI. Employees feel that right training is not being imparted. And the poor trainer suddenly has no idea why after… Read More »


20 things Goafest must do

(Originally appeared in MXMINDIA.com LINK: http://www.mxmindia.com/2014/06/sanjeev-kotnala-20-things-goafest-must-do-to-be-in-the-reckoning/ ) Goafest 2015 will happen at Goa – that’s as much certainty you have about India’s premier advertising-marketing event.  Basking in the glory of a successful Goafest 2014, it’s natural for not to look at the issues and problems with it and try addressing them in Jan 2015. As… Read More »