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Zomato MC. BC.- Dirt lies in the mind of thinker

Dear Zomato, I have been wondering what made you do the MC. BC. hoarding. It is now a public property. So, it is okay to believe that the agency/ individual presented many options, and you picked up this one along with the rest of equally good creative in Red & White to go. It was… Read More »


Say no to mediocre creativity. Amplify OOH experience

Follow @s_kotnala   Tweet There is too much of Out Of Home (OOH) advertising. It’s a space that is cluttered. It is tough to make a statement. It is tough to create an engaging experience. It is tough to defend such an observation. Absolutely true for hoarding, bus shelter and other such traditional OOH still seeped… Read More »


Tweet Follow @S_kotnala It was my  second year in Lintas. It was like any other usual day.  I was in my small little cabin on the 8th floor of e Mohandev building. The phone rang and that was the   beginning of a small interesting episode. RECEPTIOIST AT DELHI OFFICE : Sanjeev call from PREM MEHTA’s office, shall I patch… Read More »